SUNDAY PREVIEW: Being Proactive About Marriage

This Sunday morning at Oldham Lane we will continue our series entitled, “Things I Wish Jesus Never Said,” by examining Matthew 19:1-12. It is my belief that any discussion of the topic of marriage and divorce should zero in on being proactive. Marriage is the most sacred human relationship; therefore, to treat it is as anything less than such is to violate the will of God. Since marriage was designed by God, then He has the authority to set the rules. Men and women do not have the right to treat this sacred human relationship in a self-directed manner.

Today, marriage is often treated as contractual where two people sign a contract and agree to terms with those terms often being self-centered and self-serving. Marriage was never intended to be a mere written agreement between two parties that protects one another’s interests. God expects this holy union to be a covenant, not a contractual agreement. A contract is intended to be binding by civil law, but the approach is conditional and doesn’t always represent finality. A covenant is bound by God and intended to last a lifetime. Covenants are not entered into lightly. When we enter into or join God’s covenant, we are to obey, and observe carefully all of the commandments of the covenant. We agree to follow. So, in order to understand the words of Jesus in Matthew 19, one must first grab hold of the seriousness and the significance of living in a covenant relationship; something that our society has sorely missed.

Marriage shouldn’t have an exit strategy. I think that was the heart of Jesus’ message in Matthew 19. It was hard for the people hearing it then, and it’s hard for people to hear it today. But discipleship isn’t easy. There are things that Jesus said that I probably would have stated differently if I were in charge, but I’m not. And that’s the bottom line. Discipleship demands faithfulness to the Lord and His teachings, regardless of how difficult they may be, which means that my earthly comfort and convenience will likely be compromised. But if it gets me to heaven, isn’t that all that really matters anyway?

I hope you will join us at Oldham Lane this Sunday morning. Come grow with us!

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