What’s Shaping Your Church?

In his book, The Disciple-Making Church, author Glen MacDonald tells of a leadership meeting at the church where he attended. The meeting was running long. It was late in the evening, but things were starting to wind down. The question was asked, “Does anyone have anything else?” Everyone knows the…

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The Value of Questioning

My spiritual journey has taken many twists and turns. I chased a lot of rabbits and reached a lot of dead ends along the way. I grew up in a religion that taught me some good things, but was also lacking in many areas. At the age of twenty I…

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The Hijacking of John 8:7

I have found a surefire way to get non-Christians to quote the Bible. All I do is pick a controversial issue within society. I then declare it to be wrong or sinful, and people who can’t even distinguish Genesis from Revelation are quick to pull Matthew 7:1 from their holster.…

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  • A native Arkansan.
  • A former teacher/coach.
  • The Preaching Minister for the Oldham Lane Church of Christ.
  • The husband of Libby.
  • The father of Keely, Zoe, and Zane.
  • A fan of the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Cardinals.
  • A coffee drinker.
  • A relaxing in the mountains kind of guy.

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