The Value of Questioning

My spiritual journey has taken many twists and turns. I chased a lot of rabbits and reached a lot of dead ends along the way. I grew up in a religion that taught me some good things, but was also lacking in many areas. At the age of twenty I…

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The Hijacking of John 8:7

I have found a surefire way to get non-Christians to quote the Bible. All I do is pick a controversial issue within society. I then declare it to be wrong or sinful, and people who can’t even distinguish Genesis from Revelation are quick to pull Matthew 7:1 from their holster.…

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I know. The title sounds harsh and, perhaps, un-Christ like. But please hear me out. The Oldham Lane Church of Christ, where I am blessed to serve, has experienced tremendous growth since it was planted in the mid-90’s. What started with 73 members from the Baker Heights congregation has blossomed…

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  • A native Arkansan.
  • A former teacher/coach.
  • The Preaching Minister for the Oldham Lane Church of Christ.
  • The husband of Libby.
  • The father of Keely, Zoe, and Zane.
  • A fan of the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Cardinals.
  • A coffee drinker.
  • A relaxing in the mountains kind of guy.

You can contact me at: