“Father, Are You Looking At Me?”

A man lost his wife and was left a single parent to his 6 year-old son. After the funeral, the father and son arrived at their home. Upon walking through the front door, the father was hit with the cold reality that it was now just the two of them. Both of their lives had been turned upside-down. The father had no idea how he was going to move forward, but he knew he had to. As nighttime approached, the father tucked his son into bed and retired to his room. He had just laid down when he heard a knock on his door. “Come in,” he said. He knew exactly who it was. “Daddy,” the little boy said, “May I sleep in your room tonight?” “Sure,” the father said. Both of them tossed and turned for quite some time, neither of them able to go to sleep. Finally, the little boy asked, “Daddy, are you looking at me?” “Because if you are,” he said, “I think I can go to sleep.” The father answered, “Yes son. I’m looking at you.” The little boy seemed at ease and eventually he fell asleep. The father then got out of bed, walked over to the window and pulled back the curtain. He looked up at the starry sky and he said, “Father, are you looking at me? Because if you are, I think I can rest and be at peace.”

We are going through a difficult season at the church where I preach. We have been dealing with sudden tragedy and prolonged illness. We have families that are hurting. Many are grieving. It is a part of life and a part of ministry, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Through it all I am comforted by the fact that my Father is looking at us. He sees our sorrow and He feels our pain. And He gives us hope; hope that there is something far greater awaiting us in eternity.

Psalm 116:15 reads: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones.” Have you ever thought about the fact that God celebrates death? God rejoices in the death of a Christian. I find this fact very encouraging. Dealing with death is never easy, but I hope all of us can experience peace and comfort in the midst of grief, knowing that the Father is looking at us.

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