Fit-for-the-PulpitIn Fit for the Pulpit, a host of preachers dispense comfort and counsel to their brothers in the trenches, men who often work in ministerial isolation as they seek to build up the body of Christ. Chris McCurley, the editor of this volume, has assembled ten different writers to cover a wide swath of material. In eleven chapters, McCurley and his colleagues manage to cover many of the areas wherein preachers need continual encouragement: time, relationships, discouragement, stress, criticism, family, finances, sin, attitude, and laziness.

The authors of Fit for the Pulpit manage to minister grace to the minister by using candid, captivating language. The variety of the text and the timelessness of the themes make Fit for the Pulpit both readable and relatable. This book makes a valuable contribution to the catalog of homiletical literature—a contribution that accomplishes much, helping to make men fit for the pulpit. Order your copy at or at


preachbetter-600x600You preach… But you probably wish you could be better. How many Sunday nights have you sat and wished you were a better preacher? How many Friday afternoons have you spent wishing you had crafted a better message for Sunday? You know you’ll never be the best preacher in the church, but you sure wish you could be better. You attend seminars, lectureships, conferences, workshops, and summits. You read books and listen to others, but it seems no one ever says, “This is how you do it.” How many times have you listened to another preacher and wondered, “How’d he learn to do that?”

If you’ve ever wanted to be a better preacher, this book is for you. Inspired by the Preach Better conference, this book offers the wisdom and counsel of ten preachers who want to help you preach better. Covering topics such as sermon planning, the invitation, lesson illustrations, passion in your delivery, and the preacher’s prayer life, this book will inspire and equip you to be a better communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Order at or at


woocommerce2-600x600The role of elder is arguably the church’s most thankless job. From putting out fires and dealing with disgruntled members to teaching new Christians and encouraging the weak, al
l while being a model disciple, an elder’s role can seem exhausting and unrelenting. To survive, elders need a place of spiritual solitude and relief where they can draw closer to the Chief Shepherd and have their soul restored.

In Rest in Green Pastures, ten shepherds offer encouragement, help, and hope for common struggles faced by church leaders. Topics covered include the New Testament’s vision of a shepherd’s role and responsibilities, the training and appointment of new elders, and the role of an elders’ wife. Written by men with a combined seventy years of service as overseers, Rest in Green Pastures offers a helping hand to those tasked with the most important job in the world.Order your copy at or at

  • You knew people would be critical.girl2-600x600
  • You knew about the unfair expectations and emotional strain.
  • You knew being the wife of a minister would be tough.

But you never dreamed it would be like this.

In Girl, We Need to Talk, ten ministers’ wives offer words of hope and help, not to mention a shoulder to cry on. Whether it’s living in the proverbial fish bowl, being a single mom during worship, or helping your husband build a ministry that lasts, this book offers practical advice for your struggles. More importantly, you will be inspired to mentor the next generation of godly women and go deeper in your relationship with Christ. Order yours today at or at

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