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Remember the Real Enemy

I have noticed a trend among some Christians that bothers me and needs to change immediately. I have noticed that many Christians have become known more as angry political activists than a group of people devoted to seeking and saving the lost. Many Christians…

You Must Judge

Do not judge! It’s a phrase that gets tossed around frequently these days—mainly by those who are engaged in some illicit behavior that they don’t want to be condemned for. Those who don’t know any other passage in the Bible are quick to pull…

Just Be There!

Death is difficult. It makes people very uncomfortable. As a result, people often say and do the wrong thing in an attempt to comfort the mourning. Some try to “intellectualize” the feelings of the one who is grieving. Some informal studies show that the…

Some Observations Concerning Politics

There are some who would proclaim that Christians should not be involved in the political process. I do not agree. It is my humble opinion that we need Christian candidates and Christian voters to step to the forefront. The civil government is a minister…

What Your Preacher Needs from You

Who ministers to the minister? Many times the preacher can feel like he’s all alone on a deserted island, left to deal with the stresses and strains of ministry in isolation. He may have a wife he can turn to, but he doesn’t feel…

The Superhero Verse

Perhaps no other verse better exemplifies the practice of plucking a verse out of context and making it represent one’s agenda than Philippians 4:13. We see this verse on basketball and baseball jerseys. You see it on coffee mugs and throw pillows and cellphone…